Value for holders

Utility. Community. Returns. Art.

1. Utility with HelioX

HelioX is the pro version of the Helio payment platform aimed at Web3 builders and power users. Benefits include Half the Tx fees, APIs, branded checkouts, plug-ins, Discord bot, token-gated checkouts and more. Helions gain free access to HelioX, benefitting from unlimited utility.

Users subscribe to HelioX by holding a Helion in their connected wallet OR by paying a monthly fee. HelioX will launch in September '22.

We've built at break-neck speed since February 2022 and continue to execute on a visionary near & long term roadmap. We under-promise and over-deliver when it comes to product development.

2. Community

Join a community of high quality Web3 builders & power users that innovate at the cutting edge of the Solana NFT ecosystem. Learn & grow together with 1,000's of like-minded Web3 innovators. Share knowledge, new use cases, technologies and of course have fun and build lasting relationships.

3. Rewards

Holders are eligible to receive Credit Rewards from Helio fees & royalties which are paid out to holders on a quarterly basis. We want to reward HODLers over traders so you need to hold your Helio for the entire quarter to qualify for the rewards share.

We don't have historical fees data yet as all of Helio's services are FREE up until the Helions mint. We do have transaction volume & value data which we publish publicly in our Discord.

Learn more:

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4. Powerful art

We’re a utility project but we are also huge on art. The team are early equity investors in ExchangeArt (the marketplace) as well as backers of some of the top tier projects in the Solana NFT space. We experienced first hand the importance of art aligning with a project’s mission and the importance of building community through art. Helions art is visionary and powerful - just like Helio.

We work tirelessly with our design team to bring you a truly powerful collection of art that reflects our brand and resonates with our holders. Helios was the Greek god of the Sun. Helions are likewise inspired by the sun and the solar system. The sun has been worshipped and revered across all cultures as a symbol of progress over time as we travel through the Solar System.

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