Mint code of conduct

A transparent code of conduct that governs the Helions mint & pre-sales 👍

We're here to build a community for the long run and hence we adopt the core principles that prevent a pump & dump scenario and create a "retail-friendly" mint as follows:

Integrity & transparency: Our actions reflect our promises. This means we communicate, in advance, our mint strategy openly and honestly to the community. We follow that approach 100% and any unforeseen changes are clearly communicated. We value the same from our community members so if you like to "preach" on Twitter prior to mint but dump on day 1, this isn't the right project for you.

Fairness: We believe that all members of the wider community with an interest in Web3 payments should be able to join the Helions community. For that reason, we place limits on the number of NFTs that can be minted by individual wallets. Similarly, projects / investors are vetted by us and won't be offered an excessive number of pre-sales or WL. It's important to recognise onboarding key investors / projects with small allocations early benefits the project & every holder so they play an important role. However, it's based on a level playing field so there are no discounts, refunds or lock-ups for projects. We reward HODLers over traders so quarterly income pay-outs are subject to holding the Helions NFT for the period.

Community-first: We've spent the past 6 months building the product. It's live and battle-tested by 1,000 of projects & users. It's a self-funded project to date. We received offers from external investors but decided to focus on community first. We've chosen to build a strong community of early adopters by offering upside via NFT ownership & additional benefits; and at the same time provide a cost-efficient model for our customers to access key features of the Helio payments platform. Our mint strategy & utility promises a well balanced community of +5k unique holders.

This means:

  • We will not excessively reward a specific DAO, investor or project with pre-sale & WLs allocations due to their market prominence. The limits apply to everyone

  • The WL process is straight forward via a sign up process in our Discord (powered by a Helio Pay Link of course). We do not ask influencers to promote us in return for WLs or any other shenanigans. If you like the project, you can get a WL in our Discord on first-come-first-serve basis. All these WL will have a guaranteed opportunity to mint

  • All NFTs are minted randomly at the same time. Pre-sales spots including the Helio team itself will not have an advantage in terms of traits & rankings

  • We will not alter, change or re-evaluate our mint strategy unless this is clearly communicated to the community in advance. This would apply only in case of unforeseen changes in market conditions / sentiment

  • Proceeds of the mint will be used solely to support operations, expand our team & launch new products. Helio are a team of 15 and have been fully self-funded since January 2022

  • By participating in the Helions sale, you acknowledge that you have carefully read and agree to the terms contained in our Helions NFT Purchase Terms & Conditions

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