Helions Whitepaper

Everything you need to know about the official Solana NFT of the Helio Web3 payments platform ๐ŸŒž

Helions upgraded to "HelioX Pass" on 21.09.2023, the 1 year anniversary of the Helions mint. Learn more here.

Helions, the NFT

A collection of 10,000 female & male Solar Sentinels brought to you by Helio, an experienced team building the best payments platform in Web3.

Our aim is to deliver ultimate utility, rewards & powerful art in a single NFT.

As symbols of progress, Helions embody the power of our community of Web3 builders & users.

The Helio story

Helio is building a complete Web3 payments platform that's fast emerging as the โ€œStripe for Web3โ€ with 1,000s of projects, builders & users implementing Helio to accept crypto payments for E-Commerce, Subscriptions, Discord payments, Pay Links, Tip Jars, Invoicing, Paywalls, Pay Streams, Plugins and more ๐Ÿš€

Why it matters

  • The average cost of an online payment is $0.10 + ~2.5% (generating +$400b in fees p/a). We will reduce this to near-0

  • Web3 projects spend significant resources building their own payment tools. This isn't efficient

  • 1st-gen crypto pay gateways are weak products with poor UX. We need an alternative optimised for Web3 users

Helio offers a solution thatโ€™s cheaper, faster & delivers a better UX than any other payments platform.

We're a utility-project with a fully developed product that's live on Solana main-net (since May) and battle-tested by 1,000s of Web3 projects and users.

You don't need to be a developer to get started with Helio. Simply connect your Solana wallet at hel.io to set up your first payment using our no-code, Web3 checkouts. If youโ€™re a developer, embed Helio into your website or app using our API & libraries.

Our customers include 100s of Solana projects such as @famousfoxfed @shakudo_io @okaybulls @JungleCatsIO @DivineDogsNFT @TheCloudDAO @UdderChaosSOL @LightReapers2 @CactusWorldNFT as well as 1,000s of other creators in the crypto ecosystem including @DigitalRoamad @degodcast @TimeThiefNFT @DEGENDISPLAYS and many more.

The team

Helio was founded in January 2022 by experienced entrepreneurs who previously built, scaled and exited two B2B SaaS companies for $600M. Our passion to build community & technology from scratch as well as solve new and exciting problems motivated us to kickstart the Helio project.

Since then we've expanded the team with leading engineering, product and design talent from Kraken, Solana, IBM, etc. Learn more about the team (slide 2):

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