Mint strategy

The Helions mint approach is transparent and consist of three phases 🪙

Phase 1: Pre-sale

30-35% of the supply as follows:

  • Helio is a team of 15 people. Each member of the team will be allocated 10 pre-sale spots. The proceeds go to the Helions rewards wallet

  • ~2,000 pre-sale spots are allocated to specific projects / investors. A max of 50 pre-sales spots. Where projects are offered a pre-sale allocation for distribution amongst its members, then it’s max 3 per wallet. We do not offer refunds, discounts or ask for lock-ups

  • ~1,000 spots are allocated to OGs. These members paid for OG access and are early customers of the Helio payments platform, some have been around using the product for 3 months. OGs receive a small discount on the first NFT and can pre-purchase a max of 4 NFTs

Phase 2: WL Mint

65%-70% of the supply as follows:

  • Approximately 2,000 WL spots are allocated across projects (including projects who already use Helio for their payments)

  • In addition, the first 4,000 people can secure a WL in our Discord by proving their Discord ID & wallet address on a Helio Pay Link (cost 0.1 SOL - these funds go to the Helions rewards wallet). This is efficient, prevents ‘botting’ and is a great way for aspiring community members to familiarise themselves with the Helio payments platform. Once the Pay Link is completed, users are instantly added to the WL channel in our Discord via the Helio bot. Projects can also purchase WLs for their community if they missed out on a collab

  • Each WL secured directly in our Discord can mint a max of 2 NFTs. We have approximately 5,000 mints for the 4,000 WL spots so some lucky people will have an opportunity to mint 2 Helions on the day. The second mint happens sequentially meaning the first 1,000 WL have an advantage

Phase 3: Public Mint

Any remaining NFTs unsold in the stages above are put towards a public sale

The mint date is slated for September at a price of ~3 SOL

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