Helions Rewards

Giving back to our community 🙏

What's the purpose of Helions Rewards?

Helions is the the official NFT of the Helio payments platform. The rewards scheme is designed to benefit holders by paying out a regular credit as well as organise community activities that benefit the Helio, Solana and broader Web3 payments ecosystems.

Where does the funding come from?

  • 10% of Solana transaction fees, Helions NFT royalties & subscription fees are paid as a credit to the "Rewards wallet"

What's the Helions Rewards wallet address?


How are Rewards shared with holders?

  • Funds are used 100% to contribute back to the community

  • 75% of the credit rewards is split equally & paid out quarterly in USDC via airdrop to wallets that held their Helion for the entire quarter (we take a snapshot of the blockchain on day 1 and another one on the final day of the Q, and exclude Helions that are in a different wallet on the final day)

  • Payments are made within the first two weeks following each calendar quarter

  • 25% of the ongoing rewards are used to build up a treasury that can be used to benefit the community (e.g. IRL events, workshops, etc.)

How do become eligible to receive rewards?

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